Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kayden and I went to one of Shalies volleyball games. She is in the 6th grade this year so she has intramural games. Shalie and the other 6th graders in her school are being taught how to play and then practicing by dividing up the kids into teams and then playing against each other.
Shalie is in the back getting ready to serve the ball.
Getting ready to hit the ball.

Just looking cute!

Kelly just hanging out in his office learning the forex. Kelly made us take these pics so he could send them to one of his friends for fun and I just couldn't resist putting them on the blog.

Shalie had a party for her 11th birthday. She had a bunch of her friends over and played games. Here Maddie is trying to get the penny out of the plate of flour, using only her mouth while Chelsea and Kylee watch.
Shalie is trying to cut a piece of the flour cake that the penny is on with out making the penny fall. When you make the penny fall you have to get it out with your mouth.
UH-OH! Shalie had to dig it out with her mouth. What a pretty picture! It was a lot of fun for all the girls especially at this age when looks are becoming so important. They would all laugh and tease when someone made the penny fall.

Shalie and her friends!

Shaleice had her 14th birthday and decided to go to the waterpark with some friends then she came home and we all celebrated with cake and ice cream. I can't believe she is getting so big. (sigh)

This captures Shaleice perfectly she is alway goofing around and is very easy going. (Sometimes too easy going for mom.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Summer Boo Boos

Kayden was riding his two wheeler bike and speeding down the sidewalk when he biffed it and went face first into the ground. A couple of his teeth went through his lip and one tooth was actually pushed back into the gums a little. Kids heal amazingly quick and the next day the swelling was almost completely gone.

Swimming Lessons

Shalie, Kylee and Kayden took swim lessons at the YMCA this summer. (Shalie is in the corner.) All of them are like fish. They are great little swimmers and love the water.
Shalie was helping Kayden learn how to float on his back.

Kayden, Shalie and Kylee. Just goofing!
Kylee and Shalie at swim lessons. This was one of their favorite activities this summer.
Kayden and his classmates learning to kick.
Kayden loved to splash his classmates and teachers when ever they weren't looking. He thought that was the funniest thing!

Summer 2008

We had a great summer this year. In July we went to Salmon for the Doug Phillips reunion. Kelly and I were in charge so we got to pick the place. We went to the Sacajewea Center (I probably spelled that wrong) and went swimming and camped by Williams Lake. The weather was great and we had a great time visiting and doing other various activities.

Poor Krystal got so hot and tired from the long walk. Come on Krystal you can do it!

Kia was wearing a replica of a real indian girls dress made from leather and everything.
We all learned how to clean sheeps wool and make it into yarn so that it could be used to weave blankets and clothing.

We got a cute picture of all the little kids together as we were walking through the park. (Kia , Shalie, Janessa, Alex, Kylee, Tyra, Taiya, and Kayden)

Kara sitting in the door of one of the Tipi's.

The park had little benches that you could sit and rest on. (Kylee, Janessa, and Taiya) Funny how the kids are the only ones that used it.

Alex, Kia Shalie, and Kayden in front of the Tipi.